REFLEX: Brain Reaction Unveils Major Update with New Brain Training Exercises and Introduction of Famous N-Back Task

REFLEX: Brain Reaction, the popular cognitive training app designed to improve mental agility and focus, has announced its most significant upgrade yet. This highly anticipated update introduces several innovative brain training exercises, headlined by the addition of the renowned N-Back task.

The N-Back task is a powerful tool for boosting working memory capacity, attention, and fluid intelligence. By engaging users with increasingly challenging sequences of stimuli, this exercise provides a comprehensive workout for higher cognition functions. Its inclusion in REFLEX: Brain Reaction underscores the commitment of developers to delivering evidence-based tools backed by scientific research.


Alongside the celebrated introduction of the N-Back task, the updated version features a diverse range of fresh cognitive challenges aimed at enhancing various aspects of mental performance. These novel additions include:

1. Verbal Fluency Games – Focusing on verbal aptitude, word retrieval speed, and linguistic flexibility, these games challenge players to rapidly generate words based on specific categories or letter combinations.
2. Logic and Deduction Problems – Develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and deductive ability through immersive scenarios involving pattern recognition, hypothesis testing, and analytical decision making.

With its expanded suite of brain training activities, REFLEX: Brain Reaction remains dedicated to providing accessible, science-backed methods for improving mental acuity, resilience, and overall health. Download the updated version now from Google Play and experience the transformative potential of targeted cognitive enhancement firsthand.

About REFLEX: Brain Reaction

REFLEX: Brain Reaction offers a dynamic platform where users engage in customizable brain training sessions crafted around core pillars of cognitive function—attention, memory, perception, language, and executive control. Through adaptable difficulty levels and real-time progress tracking, we empower individuals to harness the power of neuroplasticity and unlock their full intellectual potential. For additional information regarding our mission, products, or services, please visit Google Play.

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