Driving Impact For Nonprofits With Salesforce Data Cloud

Nonprofits today are dishing out more data than ever before across multiple channels. Fortunately, they also have access to new tools and apps to leverage that data for advanced analytics, and visualization, along with insights and predictions on the organization’s data.

This deeper visibility of data helps nonprofit organizations get a better understanding of their audiences and enables them to drive more engaging and meaningful experiences for their constituents. As a result of deeper insights, marketing efforts become more efficient leading to greater fundraising.

When nonprofit organizations zoom in on their constituents to better understand their data, they are able to identify problem areas better and can engage in personalized communications with them laying the foundation for a greater impact on the overall mission.

Connecting Nonprofits with Data

Salesforce’s Data Cloud has established itself as one of the most promising data solutions in the market. Salesforce Data Cloud can be used as a standalone solution or can be added to an existing Salesforce CRM. It provides a secure and scalable foundation for the organization’s data. Regardless of the size of the nonprofit or the scale of its mission, Salesforce Data Cloud can support and scale with the organization.

Data Cloud allows nonprofits to deepen relationships with their constituents and create data-driven engaging experiences by leveraging real-time data analytics to transform user experiences. Data Cloud unifies organizational data in one place and leverages automation and AI to provide actionable insights. It does so by connecting data at scale across multiple apps, channels, and devices.

Girikon Salesforce consultants helps Salesforce enables users to store and manage all constituent data in a single place and gives a 360-degree view of every individual and their interactions with the organization. With this depth of insight, users can harmonize data and create tailored experiences for every individual customer, empower employees, and engage better with stakeholders.

Currently, Data Cloud connects seamlessly to the Salesforce CRM as well as popular third-party storage solutions such as Amazon S3, Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, and more.

Data Cloud for Fundraising

Fundraising is the key driver for nonprofits. Discovering data trends can help nonprofit organizations better understand their donors, and their communication preferences, and forecast incoming revenue, all of which can help to improve engagement and fundraising. With Data Cloud, nonprofit organizations can monitor and analyze key metrics such as donor preferences and interests. By bringing in data from your website, social media, and marketing, you can predict the next best actions, recommend options to donors based on their preferences or even identify your next big donor.

Real-World Application

Museums must juggle between sales, ticketing, memberships, and donation programs. And while they do so they must constantly connect data from these systems to leverage it. Data Cloud can help unify data from ticketing systems, POS systems, events systems, membership databases, and more, to build a unified donor profile. This unified data profiling can help nonprofits identify the parameters to find more donors and drive subsequent engagement.

Data Cloud for Program Management

By leveraging Data Cloud, nonprofit organizations can consolidate data aggregated from multiple sources such as Google Drive, spreadsheets, government records, marketing automation, and trends, into one single place. This consolidation enables nonprofits to engage with donors and constituents more effectively leading to enhanced experiences.

Real-World Application

Food banks must maintain a balanced inventory to meet the varying demands of their beneficiaries. With Data Cloud, organizations can analyze past data, such as food donations, trends, and consumption patterns. They can then utilize this knowledge to optimize inventory management, reduce wastage, and ensure a consistent supply of nutrition for those in need.

Data Cloud for Impact Reporting

An often-underestimated aspect of fundraising success is impact reporting. Impact reporting, as the name suggests, is a collection of reports used to track the progress of fundraising activities for a nonprofit organization. This reporting can be set up on a quarterly or annual basis or on the basis of an event completion such as a fundraising campaign. Creating effective impact reports drives organizational transparency while providing actionable reports and metrics that can drive future efforts. Data Cloud can easily handle the data and scale of operations typically gathered by nonprofit organizations which can then be analyzed with impact reporting.

Real-World Application

Nonprofit organizations operating in the human service sector depend heavily on impact reporting to draw insights into where needs are most acute. Leveraging multiple data sources like surveys, government census data, and demographic factors, human service nonprofits utilize impact reporting to strategize on strengthening efforts wherever it is most needed.

Data Cloud’s Nonprofit Benefits

Unified View of Constituents

Nonprofits engage with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries every single day. With Data Cloud, nonprofits can truly unlock the power of real-time interaction data across multiple sources such as websites, email campaigns, and social media to create a unified view of each constituent based on their interests, preferences, and behavior. They can then leverage that data to better understand their constituents and drive every ensuing interaction.

Personalized Constituent Engagement

With a comprehensive unified view of constituents, Data Cloud can help personalize every interaction. For instance, nonprofits can send personalized messages to donors with just a few clicks based on their donation history or send tailored marketing messages based on their browsing activities. With Data Cloud’s data connectivity, both constituents and the organization can reap the benefits of every interaction.

Targeted Marketing

With Data Cloud, nonprofit organizations can launch targeted marketing campaigns by creating tailored campaigns for their audience using a click-and-drag interface. With Data Cloud, nonprofits can create a segment of high-value donors or create a segment for past donors who might be interested in an upcoming campaign.

Nonprofits can also leverage the combined power of Data Cloud and Salesforce Einstein to tailor experiences automatically in real-time.

Deeper Insights and Analytics

Data Cloud empowers nonprofits with valuable insights and analytics to drive data-driven decisions. These analytics are tracked automatically across a range of engagement metrics such as email open rates, website, and social media activity. With visibility on these metrics, nonprofits can refine their campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

As a Salesforce Implementation Partner, we have helped many businesses leverage Data Cloud to drive measurable efficiencies across the organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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