Weightage of PSU Stocks in BSE Largecap

Originally founded being the Native Share and Stock Brokers’ Association in 1875, the Bombay Stock Exchange, or BSE, is the largest and oldest securities in Indian market. BSE has long been a fundament of the Indian financial market, mirroring the ups and downs of the giant economy. The BSE large cap tracks the top 100 companies by market capitalization. A significant part of this index is made up of Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) stock, in companies where the government holds a majority stake.

Understanding PSU Stocks

PSU stocks are special because they represent companies that come under the government of India. These entities operate in essential sectors like energy, finance, mining, as well as infrastructure, making them critical to the economy.

Why PSU Stocks Matter in the BSE Large cap

  1. Market Influence: PSUs provide essential services and hold substantial market capitalization; making them heavyweight players in the market.
  2. Investor Interest: Due to their stability and government backing, PSU stocks are appealing to both individual and institutional investors.
  3. profitable Indicators: The performance of PSU stocks frequently mirrors broader profitable trends and government policies, making them vital for market analysis.

Current Weightage of PSU Stocks in BSE Largecap

As of 2024, PSU stocks have a noticeable presence in the BSE Largecap index. These stocks come from various sectors, adding a layer of diversification to the index:

  1. Sectoral Presence:

PSU stocks in the BSE Largecap span key sectors such as oil & gas, banking, power, and mining.

  1. Top PSU Players:

ONGC, IOC, and BPCL have a massive weightage due to their weighty market caps and crucial parts in the energy sector.

For baking, the State Bank of India (SBI) is a major part. Along with other significant banks like Punjab National Bank (PNB) and many more.

Power Grid Corporation of India and NTPC Limited are crucial contributors to the power sectors. Coal India Limited and NMDC Limited represent the mining industry, emphasising the importance of resource extraction.

Weightage Breakdown

Currently, PSU stocks make up about 20-25% of the BSE Largecap index. This substantial portion highlights their importance while maintaining a balance with private sector companies across various industries.

What This Means for Investors

  • Stability and Returns PSU stocks offer a blend of stability and moderate returns, making them a safe bet for conservative investors.
  • Government Influence Policies bonded to PSUs, similar to disinvestment and nonsupervisory changes, can significantly impact their performance.
  • Economic Health The performance of PSU stocks frequently reflects the overall profitable health and government initiatives, giving precious insights to investors.


The weightage of PSU stocks in the BSE Largecap index, BSE PSU index is significant for anyone interested in the Indian stock market. These stocks not only give stability due to government backing but also serve as indexes of broader profitable trends and passage. One may research and understand the composition and influence of PSU stocks within this index, and investors can make further informed opinions and better align their portfolios with the market‘s direction.

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