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The world may be our oyster, but it also needs our help. In the great lottery of life, some of us have been born in stable, wealthy and thriving countries, while others didn’t have such luck. We can all work together to make our world a better place for all. Besides travelling, volunteering is the next best thing you can do for yourself, the world and the people who inhabit it. What we take for granted in Australia may be a luxury anywhere else. With so many places to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of your potential helpful visits.

1. Fiji – Land of countless islands

Exotic, seafaring and untamed, the remote islands of Fiji form an archipelago filled with potential adventures. This tropical paradise may be a great tourist destination, but within hides volunteering potential. Besides the urban city centers, the overall demographic and socio-construction of Fiji are poor, and each island can use helping hands.

You can find your call by offering remote island teaching to underprivileged kids who wouldn’t have access to education otherwise. English lessons are a great idea and in demand. One more example if you like teaching, is volunteering as a kindergarten teacher. Besides the mental work, you can roll up your sleeves and do some remote island construction or help at any of the countless island animal shelters.

2. Thriving Cambodia

This small country has had a rough past. Frequent political turmoil and disasters have tried to diminish its natural wonder but failed each time. Cambodia may be an undeveloped nation, but that claim is quickly changing due to its rampant development. With such development comes a chance for you to shine and volunteer in any of its countless villages with rural teaching or helping out with agriculture and farming.

Agriculture is the main focus and economic factor of Cambodia, but breakneck development is causing an issue with its wildlife. Volunteering in marine conservation helps preserve the wildlife wonders of Cambodia for the expanding tourist sector. Besides such vast and encompassing challenges, you can take a light-hearted break with some sports coaching, as Cambodians have a healthy and competitive spirit.

Wild Vietnam

3. Wild Vietnam

On the Pacific shores lies a land of stark contrasts. On one side, Vietnam offers urban high-tech cities, fast pace ports and a rapidly changing landscape. While on the other side, you have untamed green paradises, untouched mountaintops and countless islands to explore. Choosing to do some pro and quality volunteering abroad and going to Vietnam may be the change you need.

English classes from kindergarten to rural villages and schools are always in demand because Vietnam is catching up to the world fast! Its forgotten villages benefit greatly from nutrition support, and medical workers can always use more helping hands around people with special needs. Because of Vietnam’s turbulent past, many parts of the country have suffered, but that can always change for the better with your help!

4. Mystical Nepal

High above the clouds, Mt Everest stands tall and proud. Nepal is the heart of the largest mountain on Earth, but to keep it going it needs all the help it can get. From a devastating earthquake that struck it to an unstable political climate and active poverty, Nepal is one part of our world that could surely use some help. Starting from its abandoned and forgotten stray animals, you can practice the philosophy of the Buddhist monks by helping those who are the weakest. Continuing, you can apply Buddhist monastery teachings and help at the temples.

The women of Nepal are undergoing a change, where they are fighting for the rights we long ago enjoy, so helping with women’s empowerment can be your priority. Lastly, as it cannot be avoided, experiencing the adventure and amazement of Mt Everest can only be experienced by Mt Everest base camp volunteering. The sacred mountain is littered with trash from tourist who don’t appreciate it, and you can help clean up Mt Everest!

Keep moving to Madagascar

5. Keep moving to Madagascar

A rather big island, located just on the easter shores of Africa, Madagascar is considered Africa’s paradise. Pearl white beaches, ancient cities, forests, and mouth-watering cuisine is enough to lure anyone to come and stay. But Madagascar faces challenges to preserve its tropical haven, and you can help with its mangrove conservation. Putting your back to work contributes to Madagascar’s economy, and its citizens can thrive and prosper.

The wildlife of Madagascar faces issues that all developing countries face, and its lemur conservation helps the little critters. Lemurs of Madagascar are famously represented in modern movies, and you can reference that while volunteering in primary schools. If you wish for a more active part, where you can see concrete results of your actions, you can join community construction and help push the development of Madagascar forward!

It doesn’t take much to change someone’s world. Kindness and compassion go a long way to bridge the gaps between humanity and right the wrongs of the past. Doing something productive and selfless with our lives is a noble goal. One that could change the world, if more of us unite around the idea. It’s never too late to start, so pack your bags and pick your next volunteering adventure!

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