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What is an online casino mirror Such a question asks perhaps every new player who is just getting acquainted with the gambling world. How to use them? Why do they need and when they should be used? We will go into detail, but start with the main question – What is a Fairspin online casino mirror?

What is a Fairspin online casino mirror?

A Fairspin online casino mirror is a complete copy of the main website that is set up on a different domain name. This is essentially the same online casino, with the same set of gambling games, bonuses, tournaments and more. The only difference may be in the website design and, of course, in the domain name. As a rule, the owners of gambling halls do not change the domain much. A number or letter is added to the main domain, as the casino name is to remain recognizable. And the more of these mirror sites – the better. They take care of a lot: access to an account when the official site is blocked, an even distribution of players during peak traffic, and also provides an opportunity not to interrupt the casino during scheduled maintenance work.

Blocking online casinos

Online casino blocking is something players can face in any country. This is the case when online gambling activities are banned. In such a case, the regulatory authorities oblige the providers to block access to the gambling establishment, after which the players cannot log in to their account. This does not mean that the gambling hall is breaking the law. It is registered in the jurisdiction from which it is allowed to offer gambling services, and it is also licensed to do so.

Also, in some cases, some software used by service providers may recognize an online casino as a banned and malicious site and simply block it. To protect players and give them unhindered access to their personal accounts, mirrors are created – copies of the sites we discussed above.

Allocation of traffic

You’ve probably noticed many times, that Friday night slot machines do not spin smoothly, winnings are not immediately displayed in accounts, and the roulette ball hangs on different sectors. This often occurs because thousands of customers visit online casinos during peak hours, and the server simply can’t cope with the influx.

When a casino has mirrors, the traffic is distributed to such sites located on different servers. This helps to normalize the operation and avoid receiving messages from outraged players. Also, from time to time, the official Fairspin casino website may undergo upgrades, such as interface updates. In order not to stop operations, the flow of players will simply be distributed across mirrors.

Logging in to an online casino mirror

If the site is different, how do I get into my account? Very simple – when logging in, the player uses the same login and password that he specified when registering and that he used to log in to the official website. Problems may arise only in isolated cases, but as a rule, the support team solves them in a few minutes.

All the bonuses that a player has got on the main portal, wagering, points and status in the VIP program will be fully transferred to all available mirrors. In simple words, you will start the game where you finished it.

Why not use VPN?

If a site is blocked by your local provider, why not use a VPN? Sure, you can easily access an online casino with it, but this can turn into serious problems for the player. The fact is that the VPN service provides one IP address for all users. And if two players who are in completely different locations use a VPN and win, they both run the risk of losing it, as this will be considered by the casino as a malicious violation of the rules.

When playing at the Fairspin online casino, you should not use such services, as you can not only be left without a big win, but also get blacklisted.

Where to find mirrors online casinos

The easiest way to find the actual mirror is to find itobzoramki casinos, social networks. You can also ask the support team of a gambling establishment to provide you with a list of active mirrors. This way, you can be sure that in case the main resource is blocked, you can immediately use a mirror. Just add them to your browser bookmarks to have constant access to your personal account.

Large casinos may have several or even dozens of mirrors. It all depends on how quickly the sites of the gambling establishment are blocked. In some cases, the casino will automatically redirect players to mirror sites. Often this happens when there are problems on the main site.

Play on mirrors

It is possible to play the same games on mirrors that were available on the official site. If it was possible to play free slots on the main portal, this option will also be available on any of the mirrors. Races, tournaments and no deposit bonuses, everything will remain the same. If a player is visiting such a site for the first time, he may not even realize that it is a mirror. However, it makes no difference – it is, after all, a complete copy of the original site.

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