Minimalism on your phone allows you to make room for the essentials. With our tips, you can bring order to your smartphone and free yourself from unnecessary digital ballast. So you can play VIP casino on your phone. 

A smartphone overloaded with apps, photos and downloads can be compared to an overcrowded closet: Both are frustrating and ineffective in the long run. Digital minimalism on your phone can help. You reduce the smartphone to its essential contents and delete unnecessary data. This not only makes the user interface clearer, but also reduces memory consumption and possibly increases battery life.

You’ll also use your phone more thoughtfully – and ideally less frequently. Minimalism on your phone thus makes a digital detox easier. It’s a way to consciously take time off from your smartphone. 

If you want to create more order on your cell phone, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions in advance: Which apps can I delete? Which notifications can I do without? And do I currently follow a fixed folder structure? Keep in mind that you should clean up your smartphone regularly in order to create a lasting order.


For more minimalism on your phone, you can apply these five tips. They can help you bring order and structure to your phone:

  • Data backup: First, you should definitely perform a data backup. This way, data will not be lost even if you delete it from your smartphone. An external cloud storage medium is a good place to store this data. On an Android phone, for example, you can use “Google Drive”; for an iPhone, data is usually saved automatically in the “iCloud”. If you use your phone a lot for taking pictures, you should also save the pictures on a micro SD card and old photos are best transferred to an external hard drive.
  • Sorting out: The most important step follows: sorting out. Go through the apps installed on your phone and consider which ones are really important to you and which ones you use regularly. Remove or deactivate apps that you no longer need or that are just taking up space. In the settings of your cell phone, you can also see what consumes how much storage space. Therefore, it makes sense to sort out apps and photos first, as they often take up most of your storage space. After that, it’s worth looking through your documents, notes and downloads, deleting old ones and clearing out chat histories.


Structure and order: After you have removed all unnecessary files, you should think about a good structure of your remaining apps. Ideally, only selected apps that you use every day should be on the home screen to avoid visual distractions. You should also sort the other apps according to their importance. The apps that you use most often should be at the top and sorted in descending order by usage time. It is also possible to arrange your apps in thematically matching folders, such as entertainment, weather, traffic and so on. Or you can follow the design of the app icons and sort them by color, for example. 

Turn off notifications: For more order and peace on your smartphone, you should turn off all notifications. You can usually do this in the settings under “Notifications” or “Messages” and then select the corresponding app. This way, you will not only receive fewer messages on your phone, but you will also be tempted to look at your smartphone less often.

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Rethink app purchases/downloads: before you download or buy a new app or gadget, ask yourself if it’s really necessary and if it fits your minimalist approach. Avoid impulsive purchases and think carefully about what features and benefits the new item will actually bring you.

Cut back on social media: Aside from having fewer apps on your smartphone, minimalism on your phone can also mean reducing your consumption of social media. Consider giving up or limiting your use of certain social media platforms. Social media can take up a lot of your time and lead to distractions. 

Schedule offline times: schedule intentional offline times where you turn off your phone completely or put it in flight mode. This gives you a chance to unwind, focus on other activities, and strike a healthy balance between the online and offline worlds.

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