How to Wear an Evil Eye Link Anklet for Good Luck

The concept of the evil eye is ancient, stretching across various cultures and civilizations. This mystical symbol, believed to protect against harmful energy and ill will, has found its way into numerous forms of jewelry, including the anklet. Wearing an evil eye link anklet is more than a fashion statement; it’s a spiritual and cultural practice meant to bring good luck and ward off negative influences. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to wear an evil eye link anklet for good luck.

Understanding the Evil Eye Symbol

Before diving into the specifics of wearing an evil eye anklet, it’s essential to understand the symbol’s significance. The evil eye is traditionally represented as an eye-like symbol, often in shades of blue and white. It is believed to provide protection by reflecting malevolent stares back to those who cast them, thereby safeguarding the wearer from harm.

Choosing the Right Anklet

  1. Material Matters: When selecting an evil eye link anklet, the material can be crucial. Many believe that certain materials, like gold or silver, amplify the protective qualities of the evil eye. Others prefer anklets made with natural materials like leather or cotton for a more earthy and grounded energy.
  2. Design and Size: Ensure the anklet fits comfortably around your ankle without being too tight or too loose. The design should resonate with you personally. Some prefer a minimalistic design with a single evil eye charm, while others might choose a more elaborate anklet with multiple charms.
  3. Quality: High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure durability. Since the anklet is worn on the ankle, it should withstand daily wear and tear.

Which Ankle to Wear It On?

One common question is which ankle to wear the evil eye anklet on. While there is no strict rule, some traditions suggest wearing it on the left ankle. The left side of the body is often associated with the subconscious mind and emotional well-being. 

Wearing the anklet on the left ankle may help shield you from negative emotions and energies. However, others argue that the right ankle is equally effective, particularly for those who are right-handed, as it might be more comfortable. Ultimately, the choice is personal and should be based on comfort and intuition.

How to Wear It for Maximum Effect?

  1. Setting an Intention: Before wearing your evil eye anklet, set a clear intention. This could be a mental affirmation or a spoken word focusing on protection, good luck, or any other positive outcome you desire. Your intention helps to charge the anklet with your personal energy and purpose.
  2. Regular Cleansing: Just as the anklet is designed to deflect negative energy, it’s essential to cleanse it regularly to maintain its protective properties. Cleansing can be done through various methods, such as placing the anklet under running water, smudging it with sage, or leaving it under the moonlight.
  3. Consistent Wear: To maximize its effectiveness, wear your evil eye anklet consistently. This constant contact ensures that the protective charm is always active. If you need to remove it, consider placing it in a safe, respectful place, perhaps near a window where it can recharge with sunlight or moonlight.
  4. Combining with Other Symbols: Some people combine the evil eye anklet with other protective symbols like hamsa hands or crystals. This can amplify the protective energy around you. Ensure these additional charms resonate with your beliefs and intentions.

Styling Your Anklet

An Evry Jewels evil eye anklet can be a versatile accessory that complements various outfits. Here are some styling tips:

  1. Casual Wear: Pair your anklet with casual outfits like shorts, summer dresses, or jeans. The anklet can add a touch of mystique and personal style to a relaxed look.
  2. Formal Attire: Surprisingly, an anklet can also be worn with formal attire. Opt for a delicate, subtle design that doesn’t overpower your outfit. A slim silver or gold anklet with a small evil eye charm can be a chic addition to a business or evening outfit.
  3. Beach and Resort Wear: Anklets are perfect for beachwear. They complement sandals and barefoot looks beautifully. An evil eye anklet can serve both as a fashion statement and a protective talisman during your beach outings.


Wearing an evil eye link anklet is a practice steeped in tradition and spirituality. By understanding its significance, choosing the right anklet, and wearing it with intention, you can harness its protective and luck-bringing qualities. Whether worn as a daily safeguard or a stylish accessory, the evil eye anklet serves as a constant reminder of the ancient belief in the power of protection against negative energies.

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