How to Prepare for the CRISC Exam Questions?

Earning the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification is a significant accomplishment for people pursuing IT risk management and information systems control jobs. The CRISC Certification, offered by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), confirms a candidate’s ability in detecting and managing IT risks, as well as applying appropriate controls to reduce possible hazards. Candidates must pass the CRISC exam, which assesses their knowledge and comprehension of numerous risk-related topics, in order to receive the CRISC certification. In this blog, we will look at how to properly prepare for CRISC Exam Questions and set yourself up for success on your certification path.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding the CRISC Certification
  • Preparing for the CRISC Exam Questions
  • Conclusion

Understanding the CRISC Certification

The CRISC certification is intended for IT professionals that manage IT risks and apply information system controls, such as risk professionals, control experts, business analysts, project managers, and compliance professionals.

The certification is built on four basic areas, each of which represents a critical part of IT risk management:

  1. IT Risk Identification: This domain is concerned with comprehending and recognising IT risks in an organisation’s systems, processes, and initiatives. Risk assessment methodology, risk appetite, and risk scenarios are all covered.
  2. IT Risk Assessment: The second domain examines the process of analysing and prioritising IT risks based on their potential impact on the organisation. Risk analysis, risk appraisal methodologies, and risk treatment strategies are all part of it.
  3. Risk Response and Mitigation: This domain focuses on risk response and mitigation actions. It addresses control selection and implementation, risk monitoring, and risk reporting.
  4. Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting: The fourth domain focuses on evaluating risk response, monitoring the efficacy of controls, and reporting on risk-related metrics and performance indicators.

Preparing for the CRISC Exam Questions

Understand the test structure: Before beginning your preparation, become acquainted with the CRISC test structure. You will have four hours to finish the test, which comprises 150 multiple-choice questions. Understanding the format will assist you in efficiently managing your time throughout the exam.

ISACA provides a thorough CRISC exam content overview that outlines the domains and topics covered. Use this outline as a study guide to ensure that you cover all of the required topics throughout your preparation.

Enrol in a CRISC test preparation course or workshop. These courses are intended to give complete knowledge of the test domains, as well as useful study resources and practice examinations.

Use ISACA’s official study materials and resources. These materials are meant to correspond with the exam subject and provide useful insight into what to expect on the exam.

Practising with sample test questions is a fantastic approach to becoming acquainted with the exam’s style and difficulty level. Look for example questions from credible study guides and official sources.

Make a study plan that covers all of the domains and allows you to devote enough time to each one. A well-structured study plan can assist you in remaining organised and on track during your preparation.

Participating in study groups or online forums might be useful.  Once you feel suitably prepared, take timed mock tests. Mock examinations can help you gauge your progress and identify areas that require more attention.  Continue to review and revise the exam content, focusing on areas that are difficult for you. Regular revision can help you learn and remember important topics.

As the exam day approaches, keep a good attitude and believe in your preparation. A confident demeanour might help you do well on exam day.


The CRISC certification is well accepted in the field of IT risk management and information system control. By understanding the exam topic, using approved study materials, practising with sample questions, and adopting a planned study strategy, you may effectively prepare for the CRISC test questions. Maintain a positive attitude and work hard during your training, as the CRISC certification can open doors to new job opportunities and demonstrate your experience in managing IT risks and building effective controls.

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