Australian Candle Supplies Soy Candle: Safety Tips for Your Home and Family

For centuries, candles have been cherished because they create ambience and evoke emotions. Their warm glow also illuminates spaces. It’s important to put safety first, even though candles can make our surroundings more beautiful. This will help prevent accidents and give us peace of mind. In this article, you’ll learn about the safety of candles and how to use Aussie Candles Supplies soy-based wax.

Understanding the Importance of Candle Safety:

Before diving into detailed safety guidelines, you must first understand why it is so vital. Improperly burning candles or using them in other ways can lead both to accidents and fires. Follow the safety guidelines to enjoy the beauty of candlelight without compromising safety.

Candle Safety:

The quality of your candle supplies can make a big difference. Soy wax purchased from reputable sources like Aussie Candle Supplies soy wax is a good example of a high-quality material that can lead to fewer accidents when you burn your candles. Soy is derived by soybean oil. This makes it a better and more sustainable alternative than paraffin. It burns more cleanly, produces less smog, and has lower melting points, which reduces accidental burns.

Safety Tips for Candle Use:

  1. Never Leave Burning Candles Unattended: Extinguish any candles you have before leaving the house or going into bed. Consider using flameless LED candles in areas that are difficult to supervise, such as children’s bedrooms or close to flammable items.
  2. Keep Candles Clear of Flammable Objects: Place candles on surfaces that are stable and heat-resistant. Avoid placing them near flammable materials like curtains, bedding or furniture. Allow enough space for the candle so that it does not accidentally fall over or come into contact with any combustibles.
  3. Trim Candle Wicks: Trimming wicks down to a quarter inch is advisable before lighting a pillar candle. This will help prevent uneven burning and excessive smoking. A wick that is too long can make the flame grow larger, which increases the risk of an accident.
  4. Use candle holders: Ensure the holder has enough stability and heat resistance to safely support the candles. Avoid placing a candle on surfaces that can conduct heat, such as glass and metal.
  5. Avoid Overcrowding: Space out multiple candles to prevent them from getting too hot and causing accidents. Overcrowding a few candles together can lead to excessive heat buildup, which increases the risk of a fire.
  6. Monitor burning candles: Watch the flames of burning candles. Extinguish them when they flicker too much, produce smoke or display signs of uneven heating. If you notice a mushroom-shaped tip developing on a wick of a burning candle, extinguish that candle, trim it and then relight it.
  7. Practice Caution with Fragrance Oils: Be cautious when adding scent oils to wax. If you want to avoid overpowering scents, or any potential hazards, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended concentration.

Educating All Household Members:

Because safety is everyone’s responsibility, it is important to inform every member of the family, including your children, about safe candle practices. Teach children that they should never play or touch a candle while it is burning. As well, make sure all members of the family know how to safely and quickly extinguish a burning candle.

Prepare For Emergencies:

Accidents may happen even if precautions are taken. You should have a plan to respond to emergencies involving candles. To quickly put out a flame, you can keep a fire extinguisher on hand, along with baking soda and a candle-snuffer. Practice fire drills and familiarize yourself with the best ways to escape in case of an emergency.


Candles bring beauty and atmosphere to our homes. Safety is important. By following important safety guidelines and using high quality supplies like Aussie Candles soya wax, you are able to reduce the risk for accidents and create an environment that is safer for both yourself and those around you. Always remember that while candles are a great way to beautify our surroundings, their safety should be the number one priority.

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